But I’ve never made a game before!

That’s okay, it’s easy there are resources below to get you started! You can also participate in a team as long as you are interested in:

• coding/game development (to write the code for the game using the provided software below or a software of your choosing)

• art/design (to choose the visual design of the game)

• marine sciences (to create the story of the game)

• marketing/video production (to help create a trailer and other marketing material for the game)

If you are not up to speed with games development do not worry, there are several programs you can use to create a game without using a lot of code. Here are a few good examples:

FREE GameMaker Download

FREE GameSalad

FREE Unity Download

FREE Scratch Download

FREE Project Anarchy Download

All of these applications are free to try and have tutorials available on their sites.

Marine information

Briefing notes – OCEAN ENERGY


Briefing notes – CLIMATE CHANGE


Game Trailer Video Editing

Free editing software – Lightworks

Larry  Jordan – Hollywood editor

Philip Bloom – Film maker, editor

Creative Cow – Top tips and tutorials

Submitting a game

You can share your files with us via DropBox. How do I do this?? Instructions are below:

  • First, register with an email and a password on DropBox.
  • Once registered, upload all the relevant files for your game to your dropbox account by selecting the upload button. (See below)

dropbox uploading

  • Once your game is uploaded select the file and click share. (See below)

file share

  • In the “Send this Link to” section enter: (See below)

Also add in:

  • Your Full Name
  • Project / Game name
  • Team name (if applicable)
  • Team Members (if applicable)

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 17.54.25


Click send and you’re done! Congratulations!

If you have any queries please contact:

Looking forward to seeing all the cool games you create!!