this is not a game

What exactly is it?

This is not a game is a video game challenge open to all Irish students aged 10-18. The challenge is being organised by the U.S. Embassy, CoderDojo and Griffith College. The goal of the challenge is to use the fun and popularity of video games to raise awareness of Marine issues like overfishing, ocean pollution and ocean acidification.  The theme of the students game will be about oceans, and how we can achieve sustained benefit from this valuable resource. After the launch date, you and your team can use CoderDojos and mentors from the games industry to keep your game development going smoothly. Your games will be reviewed by a panel of experts and industry professionals and the best games will be displayed at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in January. 

Awesome, when do the workshops take place?

Date Event
13th September Dublin
27th September Belfast
4th October Limerick
18th October Derry
15th November Galway
15th November Cork
December 7th Deadline for Final Submissions
December 18th Announcement of Finalists
January 6th – 10th Presentation of the best games at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland

Competition Registration!

Any Irish student between the ages of 10 and 18 can enter the event. Registration closes November 17th as all projects have to be submitted by December 7th! You can choose to enter as an individual or a team. We will be creating the teams at the workshops. Don’t worry if you missed the workshops you can still be added to a team is you so wish, all you have to do is mail your name to: thisisnotagame@coderdojo.com

Want to add someone to your team? Just mail us!

please note: you will have to be already registered so we can update your registration with your team details, you can do this below.

How does registration work, you say?

1) Your full name

2) Your age

3) Your school

4) Your email

5) Areas of interest (coding/game development, art/design, marine sciences, audio production/sound, or marketing/video production)

6) Your team name and other team members full names; if you don’t have a team that’s okay, you can choose to enter as an individual or a team. If you want to be added to ateam we’ll help you find other teammates all you have to do is mail your name and your skills to: thisisnotagame@coderDojo.com


Students interested Register Here!


Didn’t attend the launch workshop in Dublin?

You can still take part in the competition – you can watch videos from the workshops on our YouTube channel. Just register on the website and we can connect you with a team and send you resources. Teams can work on their games at CoderDojo meetings their local areas or at a location of their choosing. As you continue to work on your game, Mentors will be available to answer any questions so that you and your team stay on track.

In December your team will submit your game and a trailer, to the Judging Panel via thisisnotagame@coderdojo.com. The best games will be exhibited at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in the RDS, Dublin on the 2nd – 6th of January 2015.


But I’ve never made a game before.

That’s okay, it’s easy there are resources below to get you started! You can also participate in a team as long as you are interested in:

• coding/game development (to write the code for the game using the provided software below or a software of your choosing)

• art/design (to choose the visual design of the game)

• marine sciences (to create the story of the game)

• marketing/video production (to help create a trailer and other marketing material for the game)

If you are not up to speed with games development do not worry, there are several programs you can use to create a game without using a lot of code. Here are 2 good examples:

FREE GameMaker Download

FREE GameSalad

FREE Unity Download

FREE Scratch Download

FREE Project Anarchy Download

All of these applications are free to try and have tutorials available on their sites. If you have any queries please contact: thisisnotagame@coderdojo.com

Looking forward to seeing all the cool games you create!!