Submission Date is the 7th of December!


We are happy to announce the submission date for your game for the ‘This is Not a Game, Ocean Challenge‘ is the 7th of December! You have worked hard over the last 10 weeks, it is almost time to submit your game for judging and see your hard work pay off.

Checklist for a valid game submission.

  1. A working version of the Game.
  2. Instructions on how to run the game:
    • This can be a text file that tells the user what file to double click on or what website to go to.
  3. A document that explains the process of creating your game, how to play game, what are the scientific elements of research in your game.
  4. A trailer for your game:
    • This is a video that we can use to promote the game at the BT Young Scientist Awards
  5. Any other promotional materials (This is not mandatory)
    • Poster and advertising
    • Cool screen shots
    • “Making of” videos

What the Judging Panel is looking for:

  1. Is it a complete submission (parts 1 -4) from the list above
  2. Does the game run!?
    • Is there a working version for us to judge?
  3. Is the game complete?
    • Does your game have a beginning, middle and end?
    • Does the game allow for another user to start playing or does the game file need to be restarted after each player?
  4. Is the game fun?
    • Is there a “just one more go” feel to the game?
  5. Did the game successfully highlight a marine environmental issue?
    • Is the topic of event a vital part of the game?
      • eg/ Controlling the growth of jellyfish to allow other sea life to live

Give your submission the best chance of success by making sure you have addressed the above points.

Submitting your game:

Please send us you game by sharing it with us via Dropbox. Here are details on how to do this on the resources page here.

If you have any questions please contact:

Looking forward to playing your cool games!

This is Not a Game team.

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