Derry workshop hosted by CoderDojo Derry!

the Derry workshop was hosted by the awesome folks at CoderDojo Derry and had 30 students and 20 adults in attendance as well as 6 mentors and 5 presenters/helpers. This was the perfect ration of Mentors and helpers to students! It is hard to choose a memorable high point as ALL the presenters were marvellous! Roisin and the team from STEMAware delivered a great workshop and told the students about the importance of engineers, the wide breadth of the engineering industry and why STEM subjects are tied together. They showed the students how to build some doodlebots too which was lots of fun!
Catherine from Riverwatch was great also, she brought a baby shark which the students loved as well as lots of other marine creatures! Catherine talked about ocean sustainability and really inspired the students giving them a starting point for their games!
Michael Arbuthnot, a local designer/illustrator from Uproar Comics gave a talk on his experience of games development in regards to his awesome final project he worked on last year at University of Ulster. He showed the students that they did not need to be expert programmers to build a great game so long as they have a willingness to learn. He also emphasised the need to work as a team in order to play to everyone’s strengths and develop the best end-product possible. The students, particularly the older ones, were all keen to ask questions his project and the best IDEs to use so he stuck around for a while to point them in the right direction.
Thank you for everyone involved in organising this awesome event and well done to all the young coders that attended! We look forward to the next workshop!
If you have not registered for the competition you can do so here:

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