Last of the This is Not a Game workshops announced!


Following the success of the first this is Not a Game workshop in Dublin, Belfast, Limerick and Derry we are happy to announce that there will be two more in the series of ‘This is Not a Game’ workshops! These workshops will be taking place in Galway and Cork on the 15th of November.

The workshops will include talks and hands-on training by industry leaders and experts aimed at equipping aspiring game makers with the skill and knowledge to start creating their own video games for the competition! All Irish students (10 – 18) interested in learning about video game development are welcome to attend! And  the best thing is that all the workshop is free to attend.

Details of the Workshops are listed below:

City: Date: Location: Register here:
Cork November 15th Insight centre at UCC Register for Cork
Galway November 15th NUI Galway, Bailey Allen Hall Register for Galway

We look forward to seeing you there!

Follow This is Not a Game on Twitter @thisisnot_agame for updates on the upcoming workshops. If you have any questions you can contact us directly via:

Please Note: We would ask that all attendees 13 years and under are accompanied and supervised by an adult at the events. All  students should bring their own laptops to work with at the sessions. Please do not book a single adult ticket and attend alone. Adults will not be allowed into the events unless they are supervising a student attending the events.

Resources to get you started on making your own game:

FREE Scratch Download

FREE Project Anarchy Download

FREE GameMaker Download


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